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COVID Rules and Warning:


                         ACD VISITORS: 

WARNING: When visiting the cemetery, you do so at your own risk of contracting COVID-19. The District shall assume no liability if visitors or their guests’ contract COVID-19 while visiting the cemetery.

The District Manager has determined that the purpose of adopting and implementing protective measures to mitigate and/or abate the transmission of COVID-19, is to prevent harm to those who may violate any protective measure since any such violations may result in exposure to the COVID-19 which may lead to illness and death to the violator and to those in the presence of the violator since there is no effective cure or vaccine available.

                    Please follow COVID Rules:

             -No large gatherings (5 or less people)

             -Must social distance (6 feet apart)

             -Wear facial masks

Please see attached flyer.

COVID-19 Cemetery RulesCOVID-19 Spanish Rules FlyerACD VISITORS COVID-19 051520.pdf