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COVID Rules and Warning:


                         ACD VISITORS: 

WARNING: When visiting the cemetery, you do so at your own risk of contracting COVID-19. The District shall assume no liability if visitors or their guests’ contract COVID-19 while visiting the cemetery.

The General Manager has determined that the purpose of adopting and implementing protective measures to mitigate and/or abate the transmission of COVID-19, is to prevent harm to those who may violate any protective measure since any such violations may result in exposure to the COVID-19 (or variants) which may lead to illness and death to the violator and to those in the presence of the violator.

                    Please follow COVID Rules for ALL Cemetery Visitors:

             -Masks or face covering are optional, but highly recommended

             -Social distancing is highly recommended


FUNERAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:  FEMA has setup a hotline to help families.  They will reimburse funeral expenses thast were caused by COVID-19 illness. Call: 844-684-6333

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