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What is the first thing to do when there is a death in the family?
Our recommended first step is to reach out to a funeral director/mortuary. Although you can always call the cemetery first, a call to mortuary will enable you to have a set time and date for the cemetery to schedule the service. View a list of local recommended mortuaries/funeral homes.

What mortuaries do you work with?
Our cemetery works with any and all mortuaries.

How do I make a purchase?
To make a purchase of a burial plot or niche plot, you must come into the cemetery office, either by appointment or as a walk-in during business hours and talk with someone in the office.

Pre-Need Purchases (before need) are available.  You have the option for a pre-need paid-in-full or a pre-need purchase with a payment plan. The payment plans require a minimum down payment of the current (non-refundable) Endowment Care Fee.  The payment plans do not have an interest fee, but it does have a $100 administrative fee (per year financed).

At-Need Purchases are expected to pay for the burial plot, the opening & closing of the grave, marker setting fee, vault, enhancements (canopy, chairs, shuttle, etc.), and endowment care fee. Other possible fees include: Weekend & Holiday Surcharge, Non-Resident Fee, Late Hour Burial Fee, and Credit Card Usage Fee, and any other fees that may apply to your situation.

Why do I have to pay a Non-Resident Fee?
We receive property taxes paid by the residents of our district.  If you live outside of the district, you need to be eligible non-resident and pay a non-resident fee. Please use the District Map to check if you live in our district.

Can I sell my grave to someone else?
Yes you can, but the new purchasser must be eligible to be burired at the cemetery and all transfer paperwork must be completed at the Artesia Cemetery District office in order to be valid. Please keep in mind that before any grave is transfered to someone, the endowment must be paid in full.

How do I sell or transfer my grave?
If you are selling or transfering a grave, you will need to fill out a Transfer Form and pay the transfer fee at the Artesia Cemetery District office.  The Buyer and Seller must be present with their identifications.  Please keep in mind that before any grave is transfered to someone, the endowment must be paid in full.   

Can I assign family members to have the right to use the graves that I have purchased?
Yes. You must fill out an Assignment Form at the Artesia Cemetery District office with the identification of the owner of the grave.

Do you accept double-depth burials? (Two full burials in a single grave).  Yes. 

Do you inter Cremations?  Yes.  There are many options for interring cremations.  We have niches, half-plots, and a cremations Rose Garden available.  In addition, we can inter up to 2 cremations on top of an existing single full burial (with permission of the plot owner).  We also allow up to three cremations in one full plot.  

Are headstones required at the cemetery?
We require headstones on all graves with in the first 6 months of burial.  We can recommend companies that can provide you this service. Upright Markers are allowed in the front area of the cemetery only (Tier 1).
Flower vases are installed at the same time as the headstones.

Are you allowed to decorate your graves?
Decorating rules are outlined in the Rules and Regulations or our flowers and decorations policy of the Artesia Cemetery District.  Cemetery staff removes all flowers and decorations every Wednesday.  We encourage families to pick up wanted decorations on Tuesdays.  The District has a Holiday Decoration Schedule to help visitors know when we remove decorations after special holidays.

How can I locate someone buried at the cemetery?
You can use the Burial Search feature (Grave Locator) on our website for basic information. If you want more in-depth information, you can contact our office staff by phone or email us at

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