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Rules and Regulations


A.   Definitions / Terms

As used in these Rules and Regulations, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
1.  “Board” shall mean the Board of Trustees for the Artesia Cemetery District.
2.  “District” shall mean the Artesia Cemetery District.
3.  “District Manager” shall mean the District Manager of the Artesia Cemetery District.
4.  “Site Owner” shall mean the one who has purchased interment rights.

B.    Care of Graves and Cemetery Grounds

1.     The absolute control of the cemetery grounds in every particular is vested in the Board; Site owners and others are entitled only to such privileges within the grounds as are provided by these Rules and Regulations.  Subject to the control the following shall be the rules regulating the general care of the graves and cemetery grounds.

2.     Absolutely no alcohol, beer, wine, etc., may be consumed in the Cemetery.  Violators may be subject to citation or arrest under Municipal Code Section 9.48.030(i).

3.     No person shall bring any type of barbeque equipment onto cemetery grounds.  Also, the cemetery grounds will not be used for any picnics or parties. 

4.     No person shall plant any tree, shrub, bush or flower on the cemetery grounds.  Donations for trees are acceptable, but trees will be selected, placed, and planted under the direction of the Board.

5.     Flowers shall be removed if they become unsightly, in the opinion of the District personnel.  Flowers (fresh cut or artificial) may be placed in the vases purchased from the District or in unbreakable containers placed at the base of the headstone marker.  No More than two vases and/or containers shall be permitted on any one grave.  Unauthorized containers will be removed and disposed of by District personnel.

6.     Holiday decorations are allowed.  Decorations are to be removed within one week of the finishing of the holiday.  Failure to remove decorations in a timely manner will result in removal and the decorations being thrown away.

7.     No person shall gather flowers, nor disturb growing plants, or trespass on any grave site of which they do not hold the interment right.  All persons other than the interment right holders shall confine themselves to the roads, paths, and other public spaces provided for public use within the cemetery grounds.  No person shall pick flowers that are growing within cemetery grounds.

8.     All children must be under the control of their Adult Companion at all times.

9.     Pets are allowed but must remain on a leash at all times (Please pick up after your pets).

10.  Except in the excavation for the completion of an interment, no person shall remove any earth or in any way damage the cemetery grounds or leave any grass or trash of any kind.  Dead flowers and other trash must be placed in containers provided for that purpose.

11.  No person shall deface any tree trunk. If any tree, shrub, plant or vine deemed property of the district and situated on any site shall by reason of root, branches, height, shade or otherwise become detrimental or unsightly to adjacent sites, paths, streets, or the cemetery grounds, District personnel may enter such site and remove or trim such tree, shrub, plant or vine as deemed necessary.

12.  No person shall burn combustible material(s) within the cemetery grounds.

13.  No lot or grave shall be defined by any architectural object or by any marker, unless approved by the District Manager or any other person authorized by the Board.

C.   Memorial Headstone Markers

Memorial headstone markers hereafter shall be limited as follows:
1. Memorial markers must be made of solid industry granite, U.S. standard bronze, marble, or stone used for that purpose. All memorial markers hereafter shall be set by District personnel, in a concrete foundation with a maximum of two flower vases, set at the bottom of the foundation. The only ‘in-ground’ vases allowed are available from the cemetery.


2. Required Headstone Marker Dimensions:

                          Flush Markers: ( L” = Length x W” = Width x T” = Thickness )

Marker Dimensions for Single Cremation or Infant

                         *20” L x 12” W x 3” T

Marker Dimensions for Single Grave Plot

                         *28” L x 16” W x 3” T - Single Grave or 2 cremation names

                         *32” L x 20” W x 3” T - Max Size: 3 cremation names on 1 Marker

Marker Dimensions for Double Graves – 2 Plots Side by Side

                         *36” L x 18” W x 3” T

*Must have a 2-inch sanded border included within the size


                      Raised Monument Markers: ( L” = Length  x  T” = Thick  x  H” = Height  x  W” = Width)

Marker Dimensions for Cremation or Infant

                            18” L x 6” T x 18” H             Base: 24” L x 12” W x 6” T

Marker Dimensions for Single Grave Plot

                             18” L x 6” T x 24” H             Base: 28” L x 12” W x 6” T

                             (Single Grave or 2 cremation names or 3 cremation names on 1 Monument Marker)

Marker Dimensions for Double Graves – 2 Plots Side by Side

                             36” L x 6” T x 28” H             Base: 42” L x 12” W x 6” T


3. Headstone Markers are required for all graves within six (6) months of burial.

4. The set dimensions of a memorial headstone marker cannot be changed and will not be allowed, unless you receive prior approval from either the District Manager or the Board.

5. The Board reserves the right to make improvements to any site or to any public portion of the cemetery grounds at any time the expense to be paid by the District.


D. Interments

            Site Owners, morticians, funeral directors, and other authorized persons shall comply with the following regulations in the use of sites for interment purposes:
1. All graves will be dug to depth, which allows a minimum of 18 inches of earth to be placed on top of all vaults or liners or cremated remains container. All single adult graves shall be dug to a depth of five feet at the center.  Cremation sites shall be dug to a minimum depth of thirty inches.
2. A minimum container of cloth covered wood casket with handles is required for all interments except cremated remains. A durable container is required for all cremated remains interments. Standard vaults and liners of steel, polymer or concrete must be used for all interments except for cremated remains. The use of cremated remains vaults is required.  You can purchase a cremation vault from the District.
3. A maximum of three cremated remains containers may be placed in an in-ground site. Cremated remains vaults are allowed.


* These Rules and Regulations may be modified or revised from time to time by the Board.  Site Owners agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations, including any future modifications or revisions.