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Rules and Regulations

The Artesia Cemetery District is a public cemetery that was established by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1928.  It is overseen by a Board of Trustees and General Manager to ensure that the cemetery is properly maintained and adheres to an atmosphere that creates a serene park like setting.

Visiting loved ones and the placement of flowers and memorial markers on interment spaces is both a time-honored tradition and a beautiful expression of love and remembrance. This information is provided to help our visitors have a positive experience at our cemetery.

Download: ACD Rules and Regulations (2022)



The Artesia Cemetery is open 7-days a week, 8am – 4pm. The Artesia Cemetery District office is open Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm.  The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. (Refer to the ACD Holiday Office Schedule)

Dowload: ACD Holiday Office Schedule



For families to feel safe and at peace in our beautiful, serene park like environment, it is requested that all visitors be respectful, quiet, and reverent. Loud noise, loud music and abusive conduct is prohibited.  Due to safety reasons and to retain uniformity, certain rules and regulations must be followed.

1.    Outdoor sporting activities such as baseball, soccer, football, skateboarding, frisbee throwing, volleyball, golf, or any other sport, are not permitted.

2.    Running is not allowed on cemetery grounds.

3.    For safety reasons, all children must always be supervised by an adult.  

4.    The use of barbeques or open flames is prohibited.

5.    Pets are allowed but must always be on a leash.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

6.    Alcohol consumption, drug use, or being under the influence while on the premises is not permitted. Violators may be subject to citation or arrest under ACD Ordinance 2020-01.

7.    Irrigation water is not for human consumption. Do not drink.

8.    No person shall deface any tree trunks. District personnel will, if deemed necessary, remove or trim trees, shrubs, plants, or vines that may be an obstruction or detrimental to any site on cemetery grounds.

9.    No person shall trim or deface the grass of a grave.  No outlining, framing, low-trimming or other designs. District personnel will remove any such unauthorized changes to the grass.

10. No amplified music in cemetery. 

11. Trash must be placed in trash cans.

12. Combustible materials are not permitted on cemetery grounds.

13. Any large gatherings (6 or more people) or special events, including birthdays or anniversaries, must be pre-approved by the General Manager, regardless of the day of the week for the event.

14. Any violation of these Rules and Regulations will result in dismissal and/or permanent ban from the cemetery, up to and including, reimbursement of costs incurred by the cemetery. 



1.    Flowers and decorations will be removed every Wednesday. If you wish to retain any type of flowers or decorations, please remove them from the cemetery before 4pm on Tuesdays. 

2.    Glass vases or containers are prohibited. Unauthorized containers or items will be removed and discarded by District personnel.

3.    Neither the Cemetery District nor its employees shall be held responsible for damaged or stolen flowers/decorations.

4.    Selected Holiday flowers and decorations are allowed for extended periods. Please see our Holiday Decoration Schedule on our website and/or cemetery bulletin board. 

5.    No person shall plant any tree, shrub, bush, or flowers on cemetery grounds.  Donations for trees are acceptable, but trees will be selected, placed, and planted under the direction of the Board and/or General Manager.

6.    No person shall gather cemetery flowers, nor disturb growing plants, or trespass on any gravesite in which they do not hold the interment right. 


MEMORIAL MARKERS / HEADSTONES (Refer to Memorial Marker Policy)

Download: Memorial Markers/Headstone Policy (2022)

1.    It is important that each decedent buried at the cemetery have a headstone installed for identification purposes.  For this reason, the ACD adopted a policy to ensure that each decedent receives a headstone within 6 months of interment.

2.    The name on the headstone must include the legal name as it appears on the government issued ID that was received by the cemetery at the time of interment. 

3.    If a headstone is not placed within 6 months of interment, the ACD will attempt to remind the families and request their compliance. 

4.    If the family fails to respond or comply with the Headstone Placement Policy, then the ACD will place a generic cement marker.

Headstone Placement Policy (2022)

5.    The cost for creating and placing the generic headstone will come from the “Setting Fee” that was paid at the time of interment.  If no “Setting Fee” was paid, then an open estimate will be placed on file for future payment by the family.

6.    Prior to having any future interment services, the family must have paid the outstanding open estimate for the “Setting Fee”, plus demonstrate proof of purchase of headstone accompanied by a new “Setting Fee”.

7.    The ACD has set dimensions and specifications for headstones.  These dimensions and specifications may vary depending on location in cemetery. (Refer to ACD Headstone Authorization Form)

Download: Headstone/Marker Authorization Form (2022)

8.    The ACD requires a Headstone Authorization Form before a headstone is ordered to ensure accuracy and quality.  DO NOT order headstone without first confirming dimensions with the cemetery using the Headstone Authorization Form.

9.    All memorial markers and headstones are installed (or removed) by the Artesia Cemetery District personnel only.



1.    Interment rights may be purchased at the Artesia Cemetery District Office. Upon payment in full, including payment to the Endowment Care Fund, a Certificate of Interment Rights, executed by the General Manager or authorized representative of the Board of Trustees, shall be issued to the purchaser.

2.    Families are encouraged to call the cemetery office in advance to schedule an appointment for arrangements, however, staff will make every effort to coordinate with families who stop in during office hours.

3.    No interment shall be made without a burial permit from the proper authorities and until the interment order has been signed by the next of kin of the deceased or an authorized person. 

4.    No interment shall be made, or other services rendered until all fees are paid.  All fees for services must be paid (4 business days) prior to interment. 

5.    All graves will be dug to depth, which allows a minimum of 18 inches of earth to be placed on top of all vaults, crypts, and liners or cremated remains container.  Opening and closing of graves shall be made by District personnel only or those acting under the direction of District staff.

6.    A minimum container of wood or cardboard casket with handles is required for all interments except cremated remains. The District will make every effort to accommodate reasonable Religious exceptions. Such exceptions must be approved in writing in advance by the General Manager.    

7.    A durable container is required for all cremated remains interments.

8.    Standard vaults, crypts, and liners (steel, polymer, or concrete) must be used for all interments except for cremated remains.

9.    A maximum of three (3) interments per grave. For example, one full burial and two cremations on top or three (3) cremated remains containers in one full grave. Any other arrangements will require the prior approval of the General Manager.

10. Cremated remains may be placed inside of a full burial casket at time of burial, but must be properly recorded with the cemetery district, mortuary and the county.

11. Regular hours for interments are Monday through Friday, between 9am and 2pm.  

12. Interments in the afternoon (after 2pm), weekends, or holidays are available at additional costs.



1.    The Board of Trustees employs a General Manager and such other employees as it may determine to be necessary in the operation of the District.

2.    All rules and regulations previously adopted and inconsistent with the foregoing are hereby repealed.

3.    The Rules and Regulations shall be reviewed annually.

4.    The Artesia Cemetery District is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged markers, flower vases, benches or any personal memorabilia brought in by family or friends of the deceased.

5.    The District, its Board, all individual Trustees of said Board, the General Manager and all other personnel of the District shall not be responsible for injury, illness or damage suffered by any persons (which may also lead to death), in their use of the cemetery grounds. Any person visiting the cemetery shall do so at his/her own risk.



1.    Interments in the District’s cemeteries shall be limited in accordance with section 9060 of the California Health and Safety Code as it now exists or may be hereafter amended.

2.    If a certificate of interment rights holder has no further need for interment rights, he or she may sell or transfer his or her interment rights to an eligible person.  An endowment care fee must be paid to the cemetery at the time of transfer by the seller (if not previously paid at the time of purchase).  The new Buyer must pay their own endowment to the cemetery at the time of transfer. 

3.    A transfer fee is required for all transfers. No transfer of any right of interment shall be complete or effective until approved under the authority of the District and recorded on the books of the District.

4.    Consistent with the California Health and Safety Code, the District reserves the right, when necessary or if determined to be in the best interest of the District, to remove any remains from one plot to another in the same cemetery, keeping accurate records of such relocations and, whenever possible, notifying the lot owner or next of kin before relocation is made.


* These Rules and Regulations may be modified or revised from time to time by the Board of Trustees.  Holders of Interment rights and visitors agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations, including any future modifications or revisions.

Revised 9/15/2022

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